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Ties, clothing, watches, accessories and much more for the British military.

Serving those who serve their country

  • FAA
  • Int. Corps
  • R Anglian
  • Royal Artillery
  • Royal Hussars
  • Royal Marines
  • R Tank Regiment
  • Guards
  • KRH
  • RAMC
  • RC of Signals
  • R Irish
  • R R Scotland
  • SAS
  • Gurkhas
  • PWRR
  • REME
  • RC of Transport
  • The R. Lancers
  • Royal Navy
  • Sandhurst
  • HAC
  • Queen's
  • Royal Air Force
  • Royal Engineers
  • RLC
  • Regimental Clothing Shop

    Here are a few of our personalised items.

    The website shows only a selection of the thousands of items we offer, so if you want a different size, a different colour, or even a totally different garment, please get in touch.

    Not only that, we have far more badges than listed here and we can probably help even if you want a product which is not connected to the military at all.

    Just call us on 0845 459 1964 or write to us by clicking here.

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